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To clarify, a static IP can be assigned with DHCP enabled. Most importantly, with DHCP enabled means it is letting the DHCP server assign the computers IP. A true Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol server (not your Linksys router) gives the LAN Admin a ton of control with IP address assignment and IP address management (IPAM). DHCP is not enabled on vmnet8 ? : vmware I run diagnostics through windows and its telling me DHCP is not enabled on vmnet8 - I go to the Vmware Virtual Network Editor and i can clearly see DHCP is enabled. Honestly been googling and trying everything I can for the last hour and I cannot get my VM to connect through bridged adapter or … Solved: Spanning Tree DHCP - Cisco Community I would strongly advise you not to disable Spanning-Tree on any ports - it is there to protect your network from meltdown due to loops.. What you need is the command spanning-tree portfast on each of your client access ports. This will bypass the slow startup of the access port (usually about 30 seconds), and will allow the DHCP request to get through at the first attempt. Can I assign static IPs with the DHCP enabled? - Linksys

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Turn on DHCP in windows 8 If DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is not enabled in your Windows 8, go through this article. It will help you to turn it on. What is DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol? Your computer must need to have an IP or Internet Protocol address to connect to Internet cloud. There are two types of IP addresses, Static IP and Dynamic IP. Cisco Wireless Controller Configuration Guide, Release 8

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