First, click on “Facebook” to ensure you are in your news feed. Then hover over the person’s name in your news feed… and when the pop-up shows up, hover over the “Friend” button.

Jan 27, 2020 · A brief history of the Facebook algorithm. 2004 – 2009: Facebook was born in 2004, but its newsfeed didn’t show up until 2006. The Like button premiered in 2007, but it’s probably safe to say that Facebook didn’t have what we think of as “the algorithm” until 2009, when the platform debuted a new sorting order for newsfeeds based on each post’s popularity. If you feel the same and are looking for a way to get rid of the Live Feed on Facebook then here is how you do it. In the screenshot shown below, click the small arrow like button at the right-most bottom as marked by the red arrow in the screenshot. Once you click that button, the sidebar including the live feed will disappear. If you want to see posts from "liked" brands at the top of your feed, there are a couple more steps. Go to the page you're interested in, then click the button that says "Liked." Then, click "Posts in News Feed." From there, select "See First" and save your changes. Posts from your brand of choice will now surface at the top of your News Feed. Oct 23, 2017 · Facebook’s News Feed has been largely pay-to-play for Pages for years. Now the social network is exploring whether to make it completely so. Last week Facebook officially rolled out its Explore Facebook will let you MUTE words on your News Feed with this new feature The social network is trialling a "snooze" function that censors certain words from your timeline By Sean Keach, Digital

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