Jul 08, 2017

The Call Forwarding option is typically used to forward calls to voice mail or to a number other than your mobile number. When you set call forwarding settings in Skype for Business, all incoming calls are automatically forwarded to the destination you choose. To set call forwarding, do the following: Tap your picture, and then tap Call forwarding. Solved: Call divert not working - O2 Community Solved: Hi, I always set my work phone to divert to my own mobile on a weekend to save me carrying a second phone all the time. However for the last How do I use call forwarding? - XFINITY

iPhone Call Forwarding Tips and Tricks

Call forwarding is not working for me. I am using an iPhone 5c and have setup forwarding to another mobile number. If I ring my iPhone I get a 'The other person has cleared' message. Forwarding worked fine on this same iPhone to the same mobile number until now. I have just ported in a different number to EE and have a different account number.

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11 Solutions For Fixing iPhone Calls Not Working Issue Aug 26, 2019 *Solved* Call Forwarding Not Working on Some iPhones