Is there any Web UI / CLI that works well on an arch based edge router? I have a plan to setup an arch linux based edge router in a few weeks. I'm sure I could figure out nftables/iptables tables if I had to, but I've never used any linux routing outside of openwrt/routeros et al.

JUCI: a modern web interface for OpenWRT (LuCI alternative "Feature-complete" is kind of a tricky phrasing because you're (almost) never going to have as much power in a web UI as you do with a terminal. Especially if you're straying from the original LuCI design, there are a bunch of abstraction decisions to make that might or … OpenWrt: Enabling HTTPS for the LuCI Web Admin Interface Sep 19, 2016 GitHub - openwrt/luci: LuCI - OpenWrt Configuration Interface Description This is the OpenWrt "luci"-feed containing LuCI - OpenWrt Configuration Interface. LEDE/OpenWRT — Adding a Web Interface | by CT WiFi | LEDE

LXC management Web UI: luci-app-minidlna_git-20.204.30585-8750495-1_all.ipk: LuCI Support for miniDLNA: luci-app-mjpg-streamer_git-20.204.30585-8750495-1_all.ipk: MJPG-Streamer service configuration module: luci-app-mosquitto_git-20.204.30585-8750495-1_all.ipk: Provides a webadmin for most basic mosquitto parameters

Open port 51820 UDP on the internet-side to the LAN-side 51820 and forward it to the DHCP reservation IP address of your OpenWrt router. The OpenWrt router need to always receives the same IP address. Press wifi button to activate wifi and connect to SSID: OpenWrt. Open the Web UI… How to setup OpenWrt QoS with luci-app-sqm - PCsuggest Apr 18, 2020

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