Mar 25, 2018

Turn a Flash Drive Into a Portable Web Server Jul 23, 2010 Choose the best Portable Vpn | 2. PORTABLE AND FAST – Take your online security with you anywhere with our portable VPN router and experience fast Internet browsing through your Wi-Fi network. WHY KEEZEL VPN? The Keezel portable VPN protects any WiFi device such as laptops, tablets and all smartphones. When using your VPN at home you can protect your smart home gadgets

Nov 11, 2014

May 12, 2020 · Welcome to our pick of the best VPN routers money can buy in 2020. All the routers you'll find on these pages offer excellent performance - both wired and wireless - and also make it easy to Easy connect to your VPN Server. PortableVPN Download . The latest version 1.2.1. Choose one of the following downloads.

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So if your server is windows based and you use portable windows computer, I have no idea why there is any need for some additional software for the vpn at all. However for customer connections, we abolished the use of fat client vpn completely since it needs some interaction with the IT dept at customer site often. New Keezel 2.0 VPN Portable Router | Built-in