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Select VDS Port Group for NSX-T Manager management vNIC (vCenter Management Port Group). Enter NSX-T Manager information (passwords, hostname, IP, … Nutanix network port diagram Sep 19, 2014 Step A.2 Create port groups | VMware® vSAN™ Network Design Since the management VLAN in this POC is on 51, we need to tag the distributed port group accordingly: Figure A.7: Tag the distributed port group with a VLAN. That is the management distributed port group taken care of. You will also need to create distributed port groups for vMotion, virtual machine networking and of course vSAN networking.

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Associate the Firepower Management Center Virtual management interface with a VMware network on the Network Mapping screen. Select a network by right-clicking the Destination Networks column in your infrastructure to set up the network mapping and click Next .

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Do you mean to ask what is Vmkernal port in VMware? If so then, VMkernel ports are special constructs used by the vSphere host to connect with the outside world. They are also known as 'virtual adapters' or 'VMkernel networking Interface'. You mig Connect VMWARE Server using Webbased Management Interface