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How do I reset my password on my LInksys Wireless G router Jan 16, 2011 how to factory reset linksys router and configure - YouTube Apr 22, 2018 User Guide - Linksys EA6350 2 Linksys EA-Series Product Overview • Internet port —Connect an Ethernet cable to this yellow port and to your modem. • Reset button—Press and hold for 10 seconds (until the port lights blink at the same time) to reset the router to its factory defaults. You can also restore the defaults using Linksys Smart Wi …

Resetting your router and changing the router admin password. Step 1: Access the router's web-based setup page. To learn how, click here . NOTE: To learn how to access the web-based setup page on a Mac Step 2: Click the Administration tab then click on the Factory Defaults sub-tab. Step 3: Under

When you purchase a Linksys router (now belonging to the Cisco Home routers division), the device will automatically be set to use one of two default passwords: it will either be set to no password protection (not typically the case), or it will be automatically configured to use the word "password" as your actual password.Since this is the bestselling brand of routers, hackers (or pranksters How To Factory Reset a Linksys Router - YouTube

No worry, you can reset your LinkSys router password to factory default settings. Linksys Factory Defaults : This features allows you to restore your original factory settings and start over. This can be accomplished by holding down the Reset button on the back of the linksys router for 30 seconds.

How to Factory Reset a Linksys Router - To perform a factory reset, please follow the steps below: Ensure the router is ON . Using a paper clip, push and hold the Reset button. Hold the reset switch for 10-15 seconds. Disconnect and reconnect the router's power adapter. Once it fully reboots, you can use the default username and password