No, you’re not being paranoid, your phone really IS

As most tech companies are based in the US, the NSA or perhaps the CIA can potentially have your information disclosed to them, whether it’s legal in your home country or not. So yes, our phones Is My Phone Listening? Social Media & Apps Surveillance Jul 14, 2020 Is My Smartphone Always Listening to Me? | Blog - Geek Apr 11, 2018 Is Your Phone Listening to You? - Tech Junkie

Nov 20, 2019

How Google is secretly recording you through your mobile GOOGLE has turned your phone into a listening device. If you know where to look, you can see what it has on you. The Sun. News Corp Australia Network August 23, 2017 6:50am. Here’s how to stop Facebook from listening to you on your

Is my phone listening to me? The answer isn’t clear -

Mar 02, 2016 How do I stop my iPhone from listening to me? What you