Beginning this week, Verizon Wireless plans to reach out to some of its customers asking them to opt-in to participate in a new initiative called Verizon Selects, which is part of the company’s Precision Marketing portfolio.

The new "Verizon Up" rewards program released this week by Big Red awards users a credit for every $300 they spend on their Verizon bill that can be redeemed toward various rewards. The only catch is that Verizon requires you to enroll in Verizon Selects , a program that allows the company to track a huge chunk of your personal data. We are concerned that you no longer wish to participate in our rewards program. To discuss your Verizon Up account, call 866-895-5579. Their hours are 8:00am to 8:00pm ET Mon-Fri and 8:00am to 6:00pm on the weekend. For $10/mo you can get Verizon's Tech Support Pro package, which provides support for a range of technical issues. This service can help with issues involving, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, operating systems, and virus removal. When you use a Verizon promotional savings code, you can recover some of the money you typically spend on your cell phone and cell phone accessories. Using a promo code is easy. While checking out on the Verizon online store, simply enter the coupon code to enjoy immediate savings. A “living lab” for exploring 5G-enabled defense applications and use cases is set in motion at the San Diego military base Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. Verizon and the Marine Corps “The premise of the program is that select small businesses will receive 1 on 1 coaching from a small business expert,” Spadafora explained. “The sessions will be documented as back of the Comeback Coach series, and the content will be available to any small business owner.” There are no fees to access the Verizon Business Comeback program.

Verizon Selects has been around for a few years. The program's participation agreement specifies a long list of personal information that can be used to direct advertising at specific users. It

Nelson said Smart Rewards is designed as a loyalty program, but the company is also using that to encourage enrollment in Verizon Selects. That program, launched in 2012, uses subscriber surfing

How to opt out of Verizon's 'supercookie' tracking program

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