Dec 15, 2014 · It is not joined to the domain and will not be. It is meant to be an offsite laptop, but the setup of programs etc will take place on site. Internet is required but Wi-Fi is simply too slow. Once the ethernet cable is connected, it list the connection as seeing the domain network. "company.local" but says "no internet access".

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Aug 11, 2018

First, go into your Control Panel / Network Connections / either the Local Area Connection Properties or the Wireless Connection Properties, whichever is giving you the trouble / TCP/IP Properties Sep 19, 2019 · That’s how important having an internet connection is. A few things can be quite frustrating as not having internet access though. On the one hand, you can connect to your wireless router, but on the other, you get the dreaded No Internet Access yellow triangle over the internet connection icon. Dec 14, 2018 · 1- Right click on "Internet Explorer" icon, then click on Properties. Click on Connections tab, then click on LAN settings button. In that window uncheck all the options, if you notice any option selected, Click on OK. If the problem still exists, go to step 2.