Apr 13, 2012

How does the certificate trust model work in detail How does the whole achitecture between the certificate authority (e.g VeriSign) and its clients (e.g foo.com) work.. How does my browser know that foo.com hasn't created its own certificate, wrote "VeriSign" as issuer, signed it with its own private key and wrote the corresponding public key into the certificate? Firefox no longer trusts my internal certificate authority Traditionally you would import your internal signing certificate as an authority so Firefox would trust certificates signed with it. The imported cert is stored in the cert8.db file in your currently active Firefox profile, so creating a new profile, using the Refresh feature, or removing the file all could set you back to where you are now Certbot - Frequently Asked Questions

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At first, user B needs to acquire a digital certificate from a CA (certificate authority). In order to receive a certificate user B use the following process: In order to obtain a digital certificate, for the first time, user B sends a request to RA (registration authority). RA is responsible for verifying the requester’s identity; it does certificates - How does SSL/TLS work? - Information

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