With NFC Launcher you can create NFC tags that automatically start Windows apps, ready to perform certain actions. The current version allows you to open a page with your Internet browser, send mail to the specified address, start a chat or a video call with Skype and open the Maps app making it point to the location indicated, with the ability to perform a search for places, shops and

Feb 08, 2014 · On your set of keys By having an NFC tag on your keychain, you can save battery while you’re on the go without the need of Wi-F, for examplei. Let the tag switch off your Wi-Fi and raise the ringer volume, for example. If you set the tag to “toggle”, it turns on your Wi-Fi and mutes your phone once you tap it again. Sep 23, 2019 · 10 pieces for ~$7, 40 pieces for ~$15 (~$0.69 and ~$0.38 per tag) 8 tags that work on metal ~$7 (~$0.87 per tag) Keychain NFC tags, 7 for ~$9 (~$1.29 per tag) Blank white card deck 25 for ~$13 – thick plastic like workplace ID badges (~$0.52 per tag) This set I ordered and they did not work out of the box:

Details about 10Pcs Ntag215 Nfc Tags Sticker Phone Available Adhesive Labels Rfid Tag Set US. 10Pcs Ntag215 Nfc Tags Sticker Phone Available Adhesive Labels Rfid Tag Set US. Item Information

So if you look inside my file, … you'll notice that on the product detail … in the upper right hand corner … we've got this long string of a number. … That's the Product ID. … So, what I want to do is set up an NFC tag … for each product that I have in my database. … Setting up your NFC tag From the course: FileMaker: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Start my 1-month free trial Buy this course ($9.99 *) Overview Individuals wishing to use near field communication must own a compatible device or purchase an individual SIM card or microSD card with an NFC chip installed on it. NFC must be embedded in the smartphone or installed via a SIM or microSD card for the phone to interact with other NFC devices and tags.

The one everyone knows, but might as well list it. The car tag for setting my phone into "Car Mode" which includes turning on my Bluetooth to connect to my car, starting Waze, cranking up all the volumes, AND saying "car mode" so I know I tapped correctly without looking.

Jul 12, 2017 · Or, you can set up a tag with your Wi-Fi details, and guests can just tap their phones against the NFC tag to connect to your Wi-Fi network without locating it and entering a passcode. They would need an appropriate app installed on their phone to do this, however.